Stained Glass Coloring Pages

Stained Glass Angel Coloring Page
Jesus Stained Glass Coloring Pages - simple to realistic.

These stained glass coloring pages are from images in windows in old churches and old Catholic books - the kind you'd have liked to color in the books.

There are images of Jesus, Mary and the saints that you can use for teaching the Catholic feast days, Holy Days of Obligation and the other days in the liturgical calendar.

There's an image of Christ the King, the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and many saints. Some of the pages lend themselves to being trimmed for another project like making holy cards or greeting cards. We have friends who have been so kind as to make patron saint cards for us. These are especially nice for Baptism and Confirmation or birthdays and name days. 

Stained glass windows have taught the Catholic Faith with their vibrant colors and meticulous details throughout the centuries. They're some of the most beautiful and lasting decorations that adorn our churches. They really draw your attention when they fill with sunlight.

At night their effect works in reverse and the pictures cheer us in the darkness outside with a colorful invitation to enter. I can remember the windows in our parish church when we would leave Midnight Mass, Stations of the Cross and confessions in winter and how pretty they looked as we drove toward home since it was usually dark when we left.

Gold is required to color the reds and yellows in the glass which makes all the red and amber colors expensive to buy. This is why so many parish churches have predominantly blue stained glass windows.

When your students or children are coloring stained glass windows, remind them to use vibrant colors even if they color the spaces lightly as this gives the effect of the light showing through a window.

Printable Stained Glass Coloring Pages

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Annunciation Stained Glass coloring page.
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