Free Printable Advent Calendar

Printable Advent Calendar to download. Cut and color or use like a calendar.

Our St. Anne's Helper free printable Advent calendar prints in three pages: black and white Advent coloring pages, Advent clip art cut outs and a stable.

Printable Advent Calendar - Three Page - Print from screen or download

Catholic Advent Calendar - 3 Pages

This calendar is the simple fruit of a labor of love and we hope that it helps you teach your children about Jesus in a way that increases their love for Him and His sweet Mother Mary and Foster Father Joseph.

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Advent Wreath Coloring Page

Advent Wreath Coloring Page

Our daughter comments below with a submission that has our printable Advent calendar colored and pieced together complete with photo! There are several ways to use this Advent calendar.

1. The children can either use the colored pieces to assemble their own Nativity or color and cut their own colored Nativity pieces. Print the page of your choice: color or black and white to color. At our house, we take turns placing the pieces.

Right now we have eight children so when we start on December 1, every child gets to place three pieces as Christmas approaches and the youngest get to place any extra pieces depending on the year.

Now that we have this printable calendar, every child can have his own, or the children could make them as gifts to give to family and friends. The finished product can also make an endearing homemade Christmas card.

2. The very littlest ones love coloring their own pieces. Have them color first and cut last. :-)

3. Simply coloring the image on each date can be an Advent calendar, even without the cutting. Simply color each figure one per day as we count down to Jesus' Birthday.

Each year the actual number of days in Advent varies as the beginning of Advent is a movable feast, at least date-wise. During shorter Advent seasons the extra Christmas images can still be used to decorate the Nativity scene - or dry the tears of any left out older children :-)

Trina's Printable Advent Calendar

Finished with photo!

A printable advent calendar is a great way to get ready for Jesus coming! It is fun to start getting the stable ready for Jesus. First comes the manger then the other nativity animals, then the shepherds, Kings, St. Joseph and Mary - all waiting for Baby Jesus! Then on Christmas Day the big day you get to put Baby Jesus in His crib!

A Christmas tradition that we really enjoy for our Nativity Scene is a similar thing as the Advent calendar. At the beginning of Advent we just have the animals in the stable then we put the shepherds off a little distance watching their sheep. A day or two before Christmas Mary and Joseph come. Then on Christmas Eve night while we are all in bed, Dad puts Baby Jesus in his crib! The younger ones are always delighted on Christmas morning to find Baby Jesus in his crib! 

Also, don't forget the Kings. They come on January 6! For us they normally make an appearance about a day or two after Christmas and then inch their way to the Nativity every day ;-) 

This is a great way for younger ones to understand the events in the order that they happened and also gives them a feel for waiting for Jesus to come! 


Kansas, USA

You can also join us in one of our favorite Advent prayers, the Saint Andrews Day Prayer located at the end of our page for Saint Andrew the Apostle.

Preparing For Christmas

Advent is a time to prepare for Christmas. We also have Christmas coloring pages and some Christmas tree coloring pages here.

We have lovely Christmas tree decorating ideas here.

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