Catholic Lent Activities For Children 2014

Lent Activities For Children - At The Foot Of The Cross

Use Children's Bible Like Photo Album

I love when Lent activities for children help teach them the sorrows of Jesus and Mary. Lent is the most solemn, or maybe I should say somber, time of the Catholic liturgical year. There's no story that helps little ones feel sorry for Jesus and for their own sins than the story of Lent and Holy Week.

A children's Bible with the pictures of Our Lord fasting in the desert, His temptation by the Devil, Holy Thursday, and the Way of the Cross is my favorite way to "tell" the story. As we snuggle on the couch, I flip through the pages as we would our family photo album and tell the story with animation and emotion. See more below:

Remember that many of the same meditations for Lent are those of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary.

Lent means more when we not only teach the Lenten story of Our Lord's Passion and Death, but also include prayers and sacrifices. 

You can print our coloring pages below straight from the screen without downloading them, or you can download them for later use in your own files. We also have them as all one booklet for little ones to use throughout Lent in our Lent Coloring Book.

It doesn't have all of the images for the Way of the Cross, but the pictures can be very useful for learning about the Passion and Death of Jesus. It can be printed large or, if you'd like, it can be printed as a smaller booklet using the booklet setting on your computer. See and download our Lent coloring book here. 

Print Lent Activities For Children

Lent Coloring Book

Print these as 8.5x11 for a binder or sheet protectors or use your printer's booklet setting to make them into a booklet.

Stations of the Cross Pictures
Lent Coloring Booklet

See and download Lent Coloring Booklet - about 12 pages.

See "What is Lent?" for a longer explanation. This page is for  Ash Wednesday and Lent activities for children, can help teach the story of Lent.You can "save picture as" with the small images to our links any time that you Lent clip art for the Sorrowful Mysteries, Ash Wednesday, and Lent.

Lent is forty days long, if you do not count Sundays. 'Can't fast on a feast day! :-)

Individual Lent Coloring Pages

Burial of Jesus Coloring PageCarrying Of The Cross Coloring PageCarrying Of The Cross Coloring PageChildren Praying At Foot of Cross Coloring PageCrucifixion of Jesus - Lent Coloring PageCrucifixion of Jesus - Lent Coloring PageBehold The Man. Crucify Him! - Lent Coloring PageJesus lays down His Life - Lent Coloring PageJesus Falls - Lent Coloring PageAgony In the Garden, Jesus Waking the Apostles- Lent Coloring PagePeter Denies Jesus - Lent Coloring PagePontius Pilate and Jesus - Lent Coloring Page
Lent coloring pages - Jesus says,
Agony In The Garden - Lent Coloring Page
Lent Coloring Pages - Behold The Man, Pontius Pilate with Jesus Christ
Lent Coloring Pages - Jesus Carries His Cross
Burial of Jesus coloring page
Sorrowful Mysteries Of The Rosary - Jesus Dies on the Cross. Our Lady, St. John, and St. Mary Magdalen at the foot of the Cross

Keep a Lent Calendar - Sacrifice Chart

You can make a Lent calendar with a chart that shows your family's devotions and sacrifices through the forty days. We treasure our Lent charts through the years. 

I mark the chart at the bottom with a legend for each person's color and a list of the sacrifices:

  • Diamond - Mass, Holy Hour, Stations, Rosary
  • Cross - Sacrifices 
  • Heart - Prayers and Acts of Charity
  • Pearl - Anything else that doesn't fit the others

As we go through the month and a half there are usually some very important feast days and I mark them with a little symbol:

  • St. Patrick, March 17: Shamrock - Three Persons in God.
  • St. Joseph, March 19: Staff and Lily
  • St. Benedict, March 21: St. Benedict's Medal
  • Annunciation, March 25: Angel and Mary
  • Seven Sorrows Of Mary: Friday before Good Friday

Lent has its own special days. I frame Laetare Sunday in a rose color, put a symbol of the Sorrowful Heart of Mary on the Friday before Good Friday, a symbol of the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, and the three crosses on the hill for Good Friday. Easter Sunday gets the open tomb and a sunrise. Here are some pictures from one year:

Catholic Lent Activities For Children - Make a Lent Calendar Chart to treasure-up sacrifices.
Lent Calendar - Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday
Ash Wednesday Is When Lent Starts - Catholic Lent Calendar
Feast Days In Lent - Sts. Patrick, Joseph, Benedict, Annunciation, Seven Sorrows of Mary

Baked Lenten Crown of Thorns

When we made a Crown of Thorns for Jesus we learned a couple of lessons. This was a large project when I had little ones and the toothpick thorns could hurt like real thorns!

Once our children knew the story of Jesus' Passion and Death, they dearly loved to remove thorns from his Crown and rejoiced when they removed the last one. 

Once the thorns are gone they can add paper flowers to soften His Crown and to prepare and decorate for Easter on Holy Saturday.

This particular year we had to use pliers to remove the thorns. Well, this was another lesson that gave an idea how hard it can be to remove sin from our lives.

  • 1 cup salt
  • 4 cups flour
  • 1.5 cups water
  • Brown food coloring for dough and tooth picks. (Mix red and green or use 1/4 cup cocoa in the dough.)

Knead the dough and add flour if needed to make two or three strips of dough.

Are you taking turns? Well, the next child can twist these into a crown, two children can help if you divide the strips in half. 

Let the smaller children put the tooth picks into the dough before baking. The more children you have the more toothpicks you can use.

Bake at 350 30 to 60 minutes.

Crown Of Thorns Recipe - Sacrifices for Jesus
Bake the Crown of Thorns - 350 degrees.

Pray the Way of the Cross

Link To Printable Way of the Cross Booklet - Catholic Lent Prayers

In a way, this should have been first. I treasure the hours sitting on the couch with our little ones reading the Stations of the Cross. There were so many times when they were little, or we had a newborn and I could not get to the Stations at church, that we simply bought the booklets and read them at home.

They love singing the Stabat Mater. I am so glad of this. If they were too buggy or sleepy we would simply announce the picture, sing the verse from the Stabat, and say an Our Father or a Hail Mary. Print our Way of the Cross for praying and for coloring (each copy makes two booklets). Our children love to color these pictures and I think that that makes their book and their prayers more dear to them.

See these other Lenten pages:

Thank you for visiting our Lent activities page. Let's pray that we all have a holy Lent and a glorious Easter.


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