Easter Dresses

Modest Easter dresses can be very hard to find. Sometimes the best bet is to find a pastel colored suit or add a blouse to flowered sundresses. 

We have found some special companies that carry or make modest clothes and I want to share them with you.

We know that you can find modest blouses, dresses, and skirts at these stores. We'll list our favorites first. I am the mother of five girls and we are all grateful to the companies that offer modest clothing.

Modest dresses of wedding quality make Easter Sunday extra special. This is also a good time to get this year's spring wear. Once Lent is over we put away the dark clothes of winter for the lighter colors of spring.

So many sleeveless sun-dress types of jumpers are available everywhere, yet wearing a sweater over these to make them modest is not always dressy enough or cool enough for Easter, weddings, and other special events. Modest dresses and modest dress patterns can be tricky to find, especially those that qualify for Sunday best. 

Modest Sunday Dresses

I learned many good ideas reading Dressing With Dignity, a book by Mrs. Colleen Hammond. It gives many good ideas for improving your selection of clothes and why. She had been a television weather reporter and is a beautiful lady with an excellent story full of good ideas. Dressing With Dignity is a great gift for those ladies entering the work world where more outfits are necessary and need to be dressier. You can get ideas from her about modest dresses, too.

Modest Dress Companies

Modest Clothing at Phyllis Jean!
Our favorites are the modest blouses at Phyllis Jean Modest clothing. The Buttercup Yellow Blouse is exquisite. The simple white blouses will go with any jumper you have.

Their skirts have pockets, too. I love pockets! If you're tall these skirts are excellent as they run a bit long.

Need cotton slips? Longer here, too. Find them at Phyllis Jean.

Ladies and little girls are well set. Buy modest maternity wear, too. See their modest blouses here! The video below shows some of their beautiful little girls dresses and their darling children.

Lilies Apparel

Modest Easter Dresses

The ladies at Lilies Apparel make these beautiful clothes themselves and you can custom order nearly every single element of the dresses, skirts, blouses, or slips. 

I've been very pleased with the quality of the material and the workmanship. We even have two dresses that we special ordered for First Communion and they are lovely keepsakes.

Their cotton slips have been a God-send in our hot summers!

Other Stores for Modest Dresses

I have found modest dresses or separates through the years at:

  • Appleseeds - usually has many darling separates that are well priced, modest and dressy enough for Easter Sunday.
  • Chadwicks - same.
  • Blair - same.
  • Orvis - more expensive but enduring quality.
  • Lands' End - great for separates.
  • L L Bean - same.

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