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Baltimore Catechism for First Communion & Confirmation

St. Anne's Helper Catholic First Communion & Confirmation

Good Friday is April 18
Easter is April 20, 2014

Stations of the Cross Booklets

Print a Stations of the Cross booklet here.

Catholic Lent Activities For Children

Catholic Lent Activities

Religious Printable Easter Coloring Pages

Religious Easter Printables

*Do you know someone ill or in danger of death? Or simply want to know what to do to prepare? See our Extreme Unction and Sick Call set ideas here.

*Now, both our First Communion and Confirmation Copybooks offer both Manuscript and Cursive Writing. Two for the price of one. Enjoy!

St. Anne's Helper Baltimore Catechism
First Communion & Confirmation

Truth. We all seek the truth. Finding a truly good Catholic catechism is important in today's environment. Many friends have helped us sort through the fluff, so we aim to share what we have found. We use it ourselves.

Family. What joy! Often, the whole family learns together at the same time. The better the information that we feed our minds and our children's minds, the better lives we will have together.

Concise. It doesn't take a ton of books to learn the basics of the Catholic Faith. Once you know the basics, about 120 questions and answers and about ten prayers, you'll know the backbone of what you need to learn in order to receive the sacraments and keep the faith for life.

Inexpensive. Non-consumable tutor on tap. St. Anne's Helper fills the need for help learning the truths of the Faith, the Apostles' Creed, and the Catholic Ten Commandments.

Easy. St. Anne's Helper audio recordings and worksheets make it easy for both children and adults to learn the Baltimore Catechism Ten Commandments, Catholic prayers, and the answers for First Communion and Confirmation.

Why choose St. Anne as our patroness? She is the patroness of those who teach their own children. We beg her protection on all those who visit here and all the children they teach. Scroll down for a quick view of what we offer.

Why The Baltimore Catechism? It's got the longest history of teaching the Catholic Faith the best way and the shortest way possible. The levels necessary to receive the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation are concise (Nos. 0 &1).

Audio Baltimore Catechism

Are you teaching the Faith to First Communicants or those preparing for Confirmation?

Your students will learn to know, love, and serve God easily using our worksheets and audio catechism downloads.

Would an audio recording make it easier to learn the Catholic prayers and Catechism?

Audio learners will be thrilled with our audio CDs or Downloads.

Are your own children not learning their Catechism in school?

Let's face it. Even when the school makes an effort, many books don't teach the catechism facts well. Others pad it with so much fluff that it is a monumental effort to chug through the books. St. Anne's Helper downloads make this so much easier.

Do you need Catholic handwriting practice worksheets for homeschooling without the repeat expense of consumable workbooks?

Use St. Anne's Helper's manuscript or cursive writing worksheets to let your students copy such treasures as the Roman Catholic Prayers and the Catholic Ten Commandments easily - all from the Baltimore Catechism.

Are you learning the facts of the Roman Catholic faith as an adult and looking for short cuts?

Simply listen to the audio recordings as you drive or do light chores.

Welcome to St. Anne's Helper! We have

  • audio recordings of the First Communion and Confirmation preparation catechisms, 
  • verbatim reprintable Catholic worksheets, 
  • and coloring pages to enhance your Catholic catechism class. 

Along the way, we also recommend our favorite resources from other sources that we think that you will like. Enjoy!

Catholic Worksheets

See all our Baltimore Catechism audio CDs and worksheets on our St. Anne's Helper Order page.

We are very excited to let you know that Emmanuel Books now has St. Anne's Helper in their catalog. Thank you Larry and Paola Ciskanik.

May God grant the increase.

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Free Coloring Pages To Print

We have 483 free printable coloring pages throughout this site that are also able to be bought in one handy Download, too, which is handy in a classroom setting. This Catholic ebook download has files separated as to season, etc. so that you can print pictures for your students for the Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter seasons; and many others. This way you have easy access to PDF "coloring pages to print" without having to be online... yet the children can make their own keepsake custom coloring books through the year!

See our Free Coloring Pages To Print at this link!

Catechists, Teachers, And Parents:

The traditional Catholic Baltimore catechism answers the reason why we are here: to know, love, and serve God in this world to be happy with Him in the next. 

Thank you for visiting St. Anne's Helper. May God grant us all a holy life and final perseverance.



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